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Working as an integrative therapist or counsellor means that I have trained in a number of modalities and I work with whichever I think will be the most effective with each individual client.  I encourage my clients to explore unhelpful behavioural patterns and beliefs, enabling them to enhance their self-awareness and understanding, to help them move towards a healthier, happier and more resolved and authentic state of being. 


Some of the various modalities I use are:


Transpersonal:  The fundamental principle is to build on and expand people's strengths or 'qualities'. It is about peeling back the onion layers of learnt behaviour and discovering who you really are underneath all the scripts you have built up over the years in order to survive. 


Dream work:  Our dreams give us insight into our unconscious.  In our sessions we can learn to understand the messages from our dreams and see how they can help us.  


Existential:  Various aspects of our existence are often the source of many difficulties in our lives, such as freedom of choice, responsibility, anxiety, meaninglessness, uncertainty, isolation, and above all death. By exploring what these mean to you, it can help you have more acceptance of what it means to be human, so you can live a more authentic, happy life.


Psychodynamic:  This is about making the unconscious conscious and places a lot of focus on your childhood and upbringing.  By understanding the path you had to travel to get where you are today, you can better understand your thoughts and behaviours, how the past is still affecting you in the present and relinquish those thoughts and behaviours that are hindering you and you don’t need anymore.  It can lead to a more peaceful, balanced, happy life. 


Working with your body:  All our emotions are stored in our body so can manifest in physical symptoms and sensations.  Through talking and breath work, we can unlock and release these pent up emotions so they don’t hold you hostage anymore. 



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